360°-journey from Stuben to Lech

The trip from Langen to Lech, via Stuben, the Arlberg Pass, the Flexen Gallery and Zürs, is nothing short of legendary and ranks as one of the most scenic in the whole of Austria. And, in the depths of the Alpine winter, the journey carries with it a touch of adventure. In the late winter of last year we installed a 360° camera on one of our four wheel drive taxis and filmed the trip from Stuben to Lech. Here you can go on a virtual reality drive to Zürs or Lech and take in the views to the right or left as you pass the stunning mountain backdrop and numerous local hotels.

NB: Not all browsers support viewing 360° videos. If the video does not play correctly, we recommend you try using a different browser such as Google Chrome.

Tip: With the latest generation of smartphones and tablets you can simply tilt your device to pan the view in all directions. For an even more exceptional experience, you can watch the video while wearing a virtual reality headset or a Google Cardboard viewer (available from electrical retailers from around 10 euros).