Der Lecher Roadcam – the first mobile webcam on the Arlberg

In one of our taxis we have installed the Arlberg’s very first mobile webcam . The “Der Lecher Roadcam” offers fascinating and varied pictures of the Arlberg region. For example, take a look at the up-to-date road conditions, the weather or snow depths. Or savour lots of new impressions of the breathtaking mountain scenery here in Lech Zürs.

An impressive road to Lech

The construction of the Flexen Road at the end of the 19th century was one of the greatest feats of engineering of its time. Back then, no-one could have imagined that a few decades later, it would become a major tourist route. Even today, the Flexen Road is still the only access to Lech and Zürs during winter. ??During the 19th century, locals had to contend with an arduous trudge up a narrow mule track. The construction of the Flexen Road, therefore, considerably improved the quality of life for the inhabitants of Lech. From then on, the narrow road could be travelled using horse and sleigh. It was many years before the first motorised vehicles made their intrepid way along the road to Lech. The second major construction phase took place in the 1950s, giving the Flexen Road the appearance that it has today.


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